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Caio Terra Association

In 2018 we made the decision to join the Caio Terra Association. A lot of people asked why, this will be a long post but I need to explain it wasn’t just one thing, it was consistent things done by everyone across the association. If you can make it thru the long winded post, I appreciate it.

I first got a taste of what CTA was all about when I googled BJJ classes near my work in Las Colinas and Collin Grayson had a school 2 miles away that had lunch classes. Shot him an email, dropped in and had a blast. He invited me back and I started to come to open mats during lunches. Him and his entire team were welcoming, fun, GREAT people and he never asked for anything from me but to just come train and have fun. I really enjoyed coming to those.

Fast forward thru some time and I went to a Caio seminar and got to meet him, and he was personable, direct, and even more importantly he cared that I got what I expected out of the seminar. Another time he was in town for a layover and Collin invited me to lunch with him and Caio not only remembered me but also asked about how my life was going (not bjj related). This is when I realized that he cared about things other than BJJ and how you were doing as a person.

Few months later Yuri Simoes came in for a seminar and Collin invited me to roll with him before the seminar as he was getting ready for EBI….after 10 mins of getting utterly destroyed in competition training, Yuri thanked me and worked on things I had questions on. We got to have sushi and get to know him and that’s when I got to know Yuri and what a kind person he is and how much he cares for the team and for the association. Just was a great time, getting to hang out and talk about life and not BJJ.

This past summer I was in Arizona for work and was recommended to visit Jay J Pages and his school. I was welcomed with open arms with all of the students being amazing and wanting to shake my hand, ask me how I was. I tried to give Jay a drop in fee, he would NOT accept it, told him i wanted to buy a shirt at least and he just said “brother I’m doing this because you are good people and thank you for coming”. I have dropped in at 15+ gyms while traveling over the years and this was by far the most welcomed I was in any visit.

Nick Haloski (Caio Terra Association Admin) has been an “online” friend for awhile and ALWAYS had time to answer questions I had about growing a new BJJ school all while NEVER selling me on CTA directly. Never asking me to join/telling me what they can do for me. Just answering questions, helping me out, and giving me great advice. He’s been a big help in me figuring out how to do this BJJ school thing and I can’t thank him enough.

All of this is what led me to finally talk to Collin Grayson and say…”I think I’m in”. It wasn’t about the IBJJF affiliation/cards. It wasn’t about being part of a bigger team. It wasn’t about the access to Caio/Yuri/Rudson and team, it was about the people IN the association. They really are one team/one family. They have all been amazing and helping me out PRIOR to me joining because that’s just who they are.

Collin Grayson had a great quote “Like attracts Like” about how they are just all the same mindset of lets do this the right way and that’s what hooked me. Collin has been a friend, mentor, supporter, and just good dude and I can’t thank him enough. I am very excited for this next step in my BJJ journey to represent Caio Terra Association with pride and see what 2018 holds.