Sloth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Free Seminar at Sloth BJJ in Euless with Friends!

Recently Sloth BJJ in Euless Tx along with Head Instructor Nathan Hallford hosted a FREE Seminar and Synergy workshop. Wait a minute, free? Aren’t seminars usually with Black belt instructors and cost money?

Yes they usually do! But this was not a normal seminar. Nathan along with Professor Eric Flores (Alosio Silva BJJ in Arlington), Professor Rob Steenburgh (Jiu Jitsu Tech in Corinth), and Professor Collin Grayson (CTA Irving) came together along with other Black belts Rob Crosley and James Sherry to put together a free seminar. The thought of doing this for free was to give back to our students and show them that cross training with other teams and people is a great way to break down the BJJ Tribalism that some schools have. There is no reason for there to be an Us vs. Them mentality during normal training and it is a great way to build comradery in the community.

Some of the rules are simple:

Don’t be a jerk
Your drilling partner needs to be from a different academy
Have fun!

Stay tuned as we will be doing this again in the future and trying to grow the teams involved so we can share the mats and make more friends.